About Us

Partnership Finance has a highly experienced team ready and willing to support your objective…

Partnership Finance was formed in 2002 as an independent provider of working capital for the small and medium sized business sector. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Guernsey based investment organisation.

The concept of delivering a superior level of support and expertise is a cornerstone of our business objective and of tangible benefit to the business owner endeavoring to build shareholder value. We recognised that general service levels in our industry had diminished and that many clients wanted more than a basic facilitiy at the cheapest possible price. In fact, many a client has learnt that the cheapest option usually turns unexpectedly more expensive, in many ways, over the longer term.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting is widely accepted and used to provide essential working capital in fuelling business growth. Nowadays, clients are demanding a relationship where they can easily access the decision makers and speak with the people managing their account. A strong relationship enables better judgement of matters evolving and swift decisions. Those seeking a traditional Factoring service want to be assured that they are entrusting the management of their sales ledger, and indeed customer relationships, to a partner that can ensure effective controls.

Cashflow, particularly in the current climate, requires a stability and certainty that is best served by a provider that understands your business and objectives. We make the time to understand your goals and assist in achieving your aspirations. Conversely, in a moment of need, it is reassuring to know that you can talk with people that can understand the situation and help you find the best resolution.

We have maintained our independence and used our entrepreneurial spirit to offer a genuine alternative to the institutionalised and Bank owned providers.

Our service is offered to both established and fledgling business that expect something much better than that generally available in our market.